ARK-KZN is involved in numerous educational projects

Some of them include:

isiZulu language posters

Identification of commonly found snakes in particular areas with colour coded venom levels

  • Blue = non venomous
  • Orange = mildly venomous
  • Red = highly venomous

Basic first aid treatment courses

Hospital guide and telephone numbers

Snake and Crocodile handling and snakebite treatment courses for ARK members

ARK-KZN Mentorship program

Snakebite protocols 

  • Blue = Non venomous
  • Orange = mildly venomous
  • Red = Highly venomous (indigenous)
  • Black = Highly venomous (exotic)

Snake room essentials

  • Incident bag which contains:
  • first aid equipment  such as bandages and slings
  • Disinfectant liquid
  • Laminated protocol cards
  • Contact numbers for Hospitals, doctor, mentor etc

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