Black Mamba Project

Black Mamba Research Project

Black Mambas (Dendroaspis polylepis) have for the longest time been vilified by mainstream print media and the general public as a whole.  Much of this can be attributed to their reputation as being “aggressive and confrontational” which is more often than not exaggerated or misinterpreted by fearful “victims” and perpetuated by the uninformed.

 ARK’s primary focus is education and this needs to be based on documented and researched facts. It is in this light that the above project is being conducted. There is currently no consolidated database of information pertaining to Reptiles in KZN. ARK has the capability and member knowledge to establish and maintain such a database.

Our aim with this project is to micro-chip each Black Mamba caught by nominated catchers in order to establish growth rates, migratory patterns, territorial behaviour, reptile – human confrontations and all relevant geographical data.

To date an astonishing 51 Black Mambas have been caught, recorded, micro-chipped and released thus far . With this being a long term project we can expect this number to rise significantly over the coming years.

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